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Film Processing – Postal Service

Film isn’t dead, we know it isn’t, good old film cameras seem to be making a bit of resurgence at present so if you’re shooting film why not take advantage of Metroprint processing postal service? 

It’s the same quality film processing service that Metro Imaging has always offered so you can send us your films to be processed or scanned, safe in the knowledge that your images are properly looked after.

Processed films can either be collected from us in EC1 or we will post them back to you, usually within 24 hours. 

Don’t forget we sell film too so you can buy it along with your order plus we’re also stocking The Impossible Project Film, the new instant film produced from the original factory in the Netherlands as well as a range of analogue and medium format retro cameras. 

All things considered we offer pretty much all you need to get snapping. For more details and prices click here

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