Adding borders to your photograph

This tutorial will guide you through adding the correct borders to your prints.

You can add borders to your image from the ‘Border’ tab on our image uploader; you can also select a border colour here too, if you so wish.

You have two options for adding a border:

  • As a percentage of your existing print size (as denoted by the setting chosen in the ‘Print’ tab). Border will be subtracted from the full print size.
  • As a measurement in millimetres. Border will be added to the existing print size as extra paper (may incur an increased charge if you exceed the paper size for pricing band)

The default options for border colours are white or black. If you require a border of a different colour you will need to select Custom and enter a hexadecimal value – a handy reference for hexadecimal colours can be found here.


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First select the service, then the material/product, then the size/option you require. You can add additional materials, products and sizes to compare prices.

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