Metro print D&AD: Raise the Youth Photography Exhibition

Metro is the print sponsor for the contemporary and highly regarded D&AD Student Awards exhibition opening at The Neu Gallery, London.


The D&AD Student Awards began over thirty years ago when a group of designers and art directors including David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Alan Fletcher come together to celebrate creative communication and raise standards within their industry, it was then known as the British Design & Art Direction. 


This year The D&AD Student Awards and the magazine Dazed & Confused set the brief for the photography category namely to take an image that captures contemporary youth culture, an image that can be turned to in ten years time as a reference to 2013, an image that oozes determination and attitude and ultimately a portrait of contemporary youth.  


After a long and arduous judging session the winning images in receipt of the prestigious Yellow Pencil for excellence in their particular field are: Kingston University student Luke Evans, who steals images taken on devices in Apple stores as a comment on privacy in the digital age and our constant need to perform and publish; William Lakin from Middlesex University whose awarded image shows a trio of boys reflecting the confused identity of a town struggling to adapt to change is part of an on-going series shot in Great Yarmouth and last but not least Anastasia Korosteleva, who attends the British Higher School of Art & Design in Russia. Her image, entitled ‘Lev’, shows a boy in a Moscow orphanage shortly after a fight with a classmate; the effect of which can be seen on his knuckles.


Click for a full list of winners & for more details about the awards 

The Neu Gallery, 30a Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DP

Tel: 0207 729 7948

Exhibition Dates: Friday 12th July 2013

Opening times: Monday - Friday, 10.00am -7.00pm Saturday – Sunday: By Appointment Only.