Pink Pistols photographic exhibition, curated by Simone Steenberg and Lolo Bates

Pink Pistols is a collaborative exhibition celebrating photographers who explore the female form in unconventional and abstract forms.

Simone Steenberg and Lolo Bates fashioned the idea of Pink Pistols after finding a mutual connection in their views about gender and the female form. As feminist artists with a mutual desire to reach out to a wider audience in this digital age, Steenberg and Bates want this exhibition to celebrate the photographers with whom they connect and believe in, hoping that the show creates a sense of freedom within the viewer to change their view from conventional constraints and remember we all have the ability to express ourselves in anyway we chose. 


They comment: “It's important for us to underline the female body within a fashion context in a new way as the images we see in the media way too often have been dominated by hyper sexualised and stereotypical images, we find its time for a change.  By changing the context and the view of the female body within fashion imagery we hope to create affect in society that goes beyond fashion”


With C Type prints produced and mounted by Metroprint, Pink Pistols exhibition features work from the two curators alongside that of Jen Whitaker, Jesse Draxler, Shae De Tar, Davis Ayer,Synchrodogs, Hollie Fernando, Sophie Van Der Perre, Edie Sunday, Alexandra Von Fuerst, Clara Giaminardi and many more.


Pink Pistols hope to continue this collective with bi-annual exhibitions and publications.


Doomed Gallery, 65 Ridley Road, London E8 2NP

Exhibition dates: 18th – 21st June 2015

Opening night: 6:00pm 18th June with live performances

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Image © Shae Detar