Boys By Girls Magazine launches two new online Print Sale Collections with Metro's plug-in system


Two collections are available exclusively through the BBG online shop, produced by Metro.


The first BBG Print Collection consists of twelve carefully selected images by Boys by Girls' female photographers all previously published in the magazine, including images from photographers Cecilie Harris, Georgie Wileman,Sophie Mayanne and Alina Negoita.  


Simultaneously the Boys by Girls Illustration Collection is being launched featuring six limited edition illustration prints by Sam Alexander, whose artistic creations have featured in the last three issues of the magazine. 


We spoke to Cecilie Harris, fashion and portraiture photographer and BBG Editor-in-Chief about Boy by Girls and her thoughts and plans for it’s future.


Firstly, congratulations on the success of ‘Boys by Girls’. I’m sure our readers would be intrigued to hear what inspired its inception and how long ago that dream was first shaped?

The idea initially was brought to life over a cup of coffee with one of my female photography friends in 2011. After the release of our first issue, which was supposed to be a one off book, we realised that the concept was pretty cool and people were giving us amazing feedback, so we decided to continue and build on the concept. Our initial discussion was around how lonely photography can be, and we thought it would be interesting to join forces around a passion we had in common; capturing the world of the male from our female perspectives.


How has BBG changed and developed since its launch back in 2011?

The print issues now look completely different to when we started! It was in issue 4 when we moved to a proper print run and being distributed worldwide, that we really found our voice as a magazine. At that point we also saw the power we had as a platform to showcase more female photography talent, so we started to invite more artists that we admired to shoot for us.


Has the reality of developing and managing a magazine like BBG differed from your initial expectations and if so in what way?

Initially I never thought it would have this much impact, so to be able to create a brand that showcases the world of the male in such a unique perspective has been amazing. After a few issues, we started to get known for our capture of boys at home or in places that helped tell their story. Mixing a documentary approach like this, with a fashion approach, gave us a new way of telling the fashion story as well as documenting who the young man of today is. We have an authentic, honest and romantic way of storytelling, and to be able to inspire others, showcasing the stories we tell, has been really amazing.


What special qualities do you look for in the work and personalities of the women photographers you feature in the publication?

I always look for photographers who capture images that mean something, or that showcases a boy in an honest way and in a way that says something about who he is. Whether this is a raw, dreamy or creative approach, I want to feel something when I look at the images we publish. I want to be curious about who the boy is and wonder what he is thinking or what his world is like. Images that let you create your own imaginary world, that you can get stuck in emotionally, are the most powerful images. So I always look for photographers that have this ability.


And the same question about the models/boys who are featured? 

The Boys by Girls casting process is important. We always try to take time with everyone that comes in for a casting if possible, to learn a bit more about them. Boys with a great personality in edition to an interesting look, are boys we tend to work with, as they can deliver something more interesting in a picture. Tell a story through how they act in front of the camera. I also look for boys with a passion for something, whatever that might be. If it is something we can use in a story, many of our editorial ideas have been created around something a boy told us during a casting. So boys that hook on to the fact that we look for something real and honest often get invited back for shoots.


After the success of last year’s print exhibition you are now launching the online print sales, how did this exciting development come about? 

Yes! It was after the print exhibition that we immediately started to play with the fact that it would be great to be able to offer our readers and other fans of photography prints. We produce so many beautiful photographs, which will look amazing on walls, so this is something I am very excited about. 


In addition to our photographs, we have been publishing illustrations as part of our print issues, so it seemed natural to continue to showcase the talent of our boys offering an Illustration Print Collection. This first one with 6 exclusive limited edition prints by Sam Alexander. Three of the illustrations are part of our next issue 8, which is being released 15th of May, so it’s great to have these part of this collection. Sam is such a talented artist, and we look forward to keep featuring the talent of young artists.


It has been great to work with Metro Imaging as part of this process, who helped us set up our Shop, making it very easy for people to purchase the prints. It’s all available via our website within a few clicks, for a very decent price. 


What are your plans and hopes for Boys by Girls going forward?

I want to see where the waves naturally take us but I am so excited about where we are heading. We work with so much amazing talent, whether it be the female photographers or the boys and what they do, so Boys by Girls is becoming a bit of a hub of amazing talent. Being able to keep growing the magazine, keep expanding our print collections, possibly look at publishing books in addition to the magazine. We have so many ideas we are working with at the moment, so I’m really excited for this next chapter.

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