Fujifilm Student Award 2015 Winner Announced 


In this it’s 30th year, the winner of the Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year 2015 has been announced as Lee Dee Redder from the University of West London.


In addition to the impressive title Lee wins £200 worth of Fujifilm film, a professionally produced folio of prints by our expert technicians here at Metroprint as well as a one-to-one printing/consultancy session with one of our top printers and £100 worth of quality books from Focal Press.

Under the competition brief of 'Reflections’ Lee's image shows a lone standing man, looking inwards at a dilapidated building and a lifeless tree. The judges were impressed with the image as it works on so many levels and, at first viewing, appears abstract. 

Lee commented, "I got my inspiration for this style by thinking of a kaleidoscope and layering the images on top and around each other, this draws the audience in further. The lone man looking inwards, combined with the dilapidated building and lifeless tree, conveys the narrative of ‘Reflections’ and makes the viewer consider the layers around them."

Our own Director Steve Macleod and one of the judges remarked, “This image works on so many levels, which is why it is our chosen overall winner. It appears abstract with strong design elements on first viewing. When you dissect the image and take a closer look, it is actually made up of several layers consisting of buildings and portrait. All elements come together and when stitched create an imaginative and engaging image.” 

Leicester College was the source of the most entries in the Awards, with 120 submissions. The Department will be presented with £500 worth of books from Focal Press.

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Image © Lee Dee Redder