Metro Interview: Lisa Pritchard and the LPA Futures Award Winners 2013

Owner and founder of LPA, Lisa Pritchard speaks to Metro about the LPA Futures Award.

Lisa Pritchard and two of the LPA Futures award winners for 2013, talk to Metro about the awards and how they help shape commercial photographers for the future.


The culmination of the LPA Futures 2013 competition took place at their awards party in Shoredtich, where

Roman Sakovich, Holly Pickering, Michela Nale, Oliver Haupt and Gerwyn Davies were announced as the five winning photographers.


LPA had a fantastic response to the competition this year with the panel of industry expert judges finding the standard of work this year to be higher than ever before.


The five winning photographers will be represented by Lisa Pritchard Agency as a part of the two-year programme which aims to support and promote the next generation of commercial photographers, helping to kick-start a career in photography.


The final show looks wonderful and Metro are delighted to have sponsored this worthwhile event again this year, producing all twenty digital C Type prints which we MDF mounted and finished with smooth black painted edges.