Metro Interview: Tim Flach - More Than Human Exhibition 

Tim Flach discusses his latest exhibition 'More Than Human' with Metro, and his techniques and processes behind his iconic animal photography. 


Metro was delighted to meet with award-winning and celebrated London born photographer Tim Flach in his studio and talk to him about his innovative animal photography.


Metro also worked with Tim, producing over a dozen Perspex mounted prints and Duratrans for his forthcoming exhibition ‘More Than Human’, which opened at Osborne Samuel Gallery.


Tim Flach is renowned for his innovative approach to animal photography, decades of experience gained whilst working on commissions for the likes of National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine and The Sunday Times, position him firmly at the forefront of his field.


His work constantly challenges, surprises and provokes, whilst providing a unique glimpse into the extraordinary nature and complexity of our relationship with animals.


'More Than Human’ features new work specifically taken for this project along with images from Flach’s archive, and attention is drawn to the contemporary relationship between humans and non-human animals.


The images demonstrate both the differences as well as the similarities of animals and Homosapiens, concentrating on how we engage with animals within the contexts of history, culture, politics and science. Tim remarks: "My aim is to fragment a moment in time, bringing the viewer into an unnatural proximity to the subject and allowing them to engage with it, creating an unreality that in turn brings the viewer closer to reality. "While production and research may go into creating the images, ultimately the key thing for me is to never be distracted from the act of observing".


Metro have mounted over half of the twenty large-scale prints in the finish known as reverse Perspex, giving an eye-catching, contemporary appearance to the images, some of which measure well in excess of two metres. These prints in addition to a further selection will be on display at the Miami Art Fair which also takes place this December.