Choosing your size and type of photo print

1. Select your service and paper. ‘Print size as uploaded’ is the default, which picks up the size settings embedded within your file.

2. ‘Custom’ lets you change to a specific size by entering the dimensions in the boxes below.

3. ‘5×7′, ’10×8’, etc lets you choose from our standard set sizes. Please note that all set sizes include borders and the size described includes the 7mm minimum border shown.

4. To change from a set size to ‘Custom’, revert back to ‘Print size as uploaded’ and then choose ‘Custom’.

5. Note that the file will retain it’s aspect ratio – if you change one axis then the other will change inline with it. You may also add borders by selecting the ‘Borders’ tab above.

6. Select the print media for each image under the drop down media menu.

7. From here you can select which paper type you would like to use.

8. Make sure your image DPI matches the print DPI for your paper choice. If you need help finding the correct DPI, use our handy ‘tech help calculator’.


Price Calculator

First select the service, then the material/product, then the size/option you require. You can add additional materials, products and sizes to compare prices.

Need help with file size & resolution?

Calculate your file size, resolution and profile
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