Crossing Borders Picture Fund


Online photographic auction in aid of the refugee crisis

Metroprint is proud to be supporting Crossing Borders Picture Fund - a unique and worthy fund raising exercise in the form of a print auction in aid of the current migrant/refugee crisis. 

The online auction features images from more than twenty professional photographers and film-makers from around the world including Daniella Zalcman, Sim Chi Yin, Sara Terry, Laura El-Tantawy and Miki Soejima all of whom have kindly donated their work to this cause - their reaction to support families in desperate and urgent need for safety and a better life.
Crossing Borders Picture Fund is a not-for-profit effort which hopes to engage photography on a different level and for a good cause.  All the money raised will go towards the printing of the images and an organisation chosen by each photographer that helps refugees/migrants on a major and impactful scale.  Not since the two World Wars of the last century have we seen such an influx of people crossing international borders in a struggle to survive and avert death.

Metroprint are providing a discounted price to photographers who utilise our services.

The auction will run for a limited time only: 21st October - 4th November 2015

See the Crossing Borders website for full details of the fund-raising effort, how to participate & how to purchase the images.