How is Metroprint different to Metro Imaging?

Metroprint is the online printing, mounting and framing service from Metro Imaging - London's most trusted pro lab, which has been established and used by professionals for over 35 years.
At Metro, we fully understand that all photographers have different needs and requirements. 
That's why we've developed services to meet all of those, and more.
Working hand in hand with our clients, we've designed five different service levels for you to pick from - and you don't need to stick to one, each service can be used once or as many times as you like - it's up to you.
Below is a handy chart showing you how we can help you make the perfect print. 

Instagram & Kiosk

Metroprint Standard

Metroprint Deluxe

Metro Imaging Standard & Premier

(in lab)
x Colour managed printers Colour managed printers Colour management
x Adding borders online Colour correction Colour correction
x x
Adding borders online Adding borders
x x x Resizing and cropping
x x x Test strips
x x x Directed printing
x x x Master file archiving
x x x Provenance certificates
x x x In lab service
Creative retouching

If you are happy to prepare your own files for print, then our online service Metroprint Standard is for you. If you'd like one of expert team to give your images a 'once over', you can pick Metroprint Deluxe.

If you'd prefer to work on a one to one basis, then you can come into the lab and sit down with one of our expert printers and use our In Lab Standard or Premier service.

Just after a few quick prints? Then our Kiosk and Instagram service is ideal.

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