What is a ‘genuine’ black & white photo print?

The process for creating a black & white Lambda print is very similar to the digital C Type except instead of colour (C Type) paper and chemistry, we use genuine fibre based or resin coated black and white photographic paper and chemistry. At Metro Imaging we call these prints ‘black and white Lambda prints’ and we are proud to state that the technology for this type of print was developed by Harman in collaboration with our creative director, Steve Macleod.

By adapting a large paper processor in conjunction with the manufacturers, Steve’s innovation lead the way for the possibility of producing large resin and fibre based black and white prints on a Lambda printer. Harman adapted their fibre based and resin coated paper for the Lambda and Metro Imaging is one of only a handful of places in the world where you can print digital files onto resin coated paper.

So Metroprint users have all the benefits of those years of R & D by Metro Imaging. The prints have a consistent and neutral image tone (in other words – no colour cast) and the paper offers fine tonal benefits including strong blacks and fine details in the highlights. With ‘resin coated’ papers, the paper is encapsulated in a plastic envelope and the emulsion stuck on the outside of the resin.

“Why Silver Halide?” read more on Ilford’s site here.


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