Setting up borders in Photoshop

This tutorial is designed to give you the tools to set up your own borders using simple Photoshop processes. For more information about file sizes and DPI settings, please use our Technical Help calculator.

The Metroprint system has a built in border facility, but this is limited in what can be achieved. For total control it is better to set up your own borders within Photoshop.

Before starting this tutorial, we would recommend that you read Using Photoshop to Resize and Resample.

  1. Go to Image > Canvas Size.

  2. Change the dimensions to match the paper size you require. So, if your current image size is 8 x 10 inches and you would like to print this on 11 x 14 inch paper you can change the dimensions to reflect this. Remember, this only applies if the image is less than the required paper size.

  3. Your final file will now display with the border.

Metroprint recommends a minimum of 1/4 inch borders on all paper types. Smaller than this we can't guarantee we can trim exactly to your specification.

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