How to make large format prints

We offer bigger and better prints than any other online service – up to ten feet wide!

There’s no getting away from the fact that Metro Imaging have invested in all the best kit. We just can’t help ourselves: Lambdas, large format Lightjets…we just want the best for you because we think you’ll notice the difference. We do.

The Océ Lightjet 500XL is probably one of the most amazing printers in the world. At Metro Imaging we have one of only ten in the world so all our C Types over 48 inches wide are printed on this machine. Until we netted ours, you had to go to Dusseldorf to find another one available for photographers. We decided it was time to change all that and now prints measuring ten by six feet are within reach of any photographer in the UK. The paper is so specialised for this machine it is made in one factory in New Mexico: a large format coating plant for the biggest photographic paper in the world. (As you can probably imagine, this printer needs special treatment, so our large format digital C Types are processed slightly differently to other colour photographic prints). See here for more details.

And it’s not just photographic printing that’s got bigger: in the Metro Giclée studio we have an array of top-of the range inkjet printers. The most popular of these is the Epson 11880 a pro quality digital printer capable of printing up to 64 inches wide and the Epson 9900 a fast and capable printer for up to 44 inches using papers of up to 1.5mm thick. These printers are ideal for fine art photography and proofing. Read more about our history of developing innovative printing methods here.


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