Metro supports Androulla Michael at “Art Lab” in Qatar


Metroprint recently worked with emerging UK artist Androulla Michael, producing and mounting five Giclée prints from her project My Diary #Selfie of a Nobody (365 days) 2015 which formed part of the group exhibition ‘Art Lab’.


Androulla, who is also a teacher of Fine Art and Photography at East Norfolk Sixth Form College was invited by the New York Times to display her work at ‘Art Lab’ which gathered a selection of contemporary art installations and opened on the eve of the conference featuring luminaries from the art world.

For over 10 years, Androulla kept an ongoing ‘selfie’ diary of her life through the removal and recording of her daily cosmetics. Becoming a ritual, a physical and metaphorical cleansing that occurred as each day came to a close, the process reveals much more than the pigments upon the surface of the swab or photo paper they would eventually adorn.
Through this work Androulla addresses identity, the phenomenon of the selfie, self/body image, social pressures for perfection or conformism, young people, social media…giving the viewer a glimpse of herself that is more than skin deep. By removing her identity from the image she chooses to focus upon the humanity underneath. Rather than putting on a mask for the camera she takes hers off.

Androulla Michael commented "I feel honoured to have been invited by The New York Times to represent East Norfolk Sixth Form College and exhibit my work. It truly was an inspirational experience and to be among the most influential figures of the art world was a once in a lifetime experience.”
Androulla added: “I'm proud to be carrying the flag for East Norfolk and I'm so grateful for the support. I was overwhelmed with the response my work gained and so pleased to discover how the young people of Doha were able to connect with it. "

The 'Art Lab' exhibition also featured the following works:
•    His Royal Highness Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark: Soundwall Exhibition
•    Omar Khalifa: with his polychrome status
•    Pia MYrvoLD: ‘Wands’, first generation smart sculptures and ‘Stargate’, an immersive video sculpture
•    Google Art Institute and their 3D glasses that allow visitors to enter an art gallery and zoom into any piece to see its intricate details
•   Scottish photographer Laurence Winram: Saatchi award-winning ‘The Watchers’ & a selection from ‘The Conemen’ series
•    Ali Hossaini: Ouroboros: The History of the Universe

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Image ©
1-3 :  My Diary #Selfie of a Nobody (365 days) 2015 by Androulla Michael
4: Androulla Michael with Christine Park and Filippo  Tavernaro, Sotheby's of the Gulf and Dubai - Photo courtesy of Kevin J.  Larkin