Metroprint Standard vs Metroprint Deluxe

Metroprint Standard

This is our most effective solution for photographers: ideal for those on a budget, students, or who simply want full control of their images. Metroprint standard means you colour correct, size and fully prepare your print for printing. During the ordering process you can set your print size as uploaded, or pick from our ‘set size’ menu. You can also add borders at this stage if you so wish. We have many how to guides with Photoshop tips and tricks, as well as a step by step guide to ordering to help you every step of the way.

Metroprint Deluxe

We’ve noticed that some customers still want a professional eye cast over their images, perhaps to fine-tune them here and there – just to give them a little bit of extra TLC.

That’s where our Metroprint Deluxe Service comes in; For an additional 50% of the standard Metroprint fees, one of our expert technicians will correct your colours to make sure they’re properly neutral and check that the blacks are black, the whites, white. This quick expert judgement could make all the difference to your final print and help to avoid any disappointment.

You can send instructions for specific images with your order or just ask us to look over the whole file, all the other standard Metroprint options apply with the same quick turnaround, it’s that simple.


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