Metroprint For Students Is Here!


Here at Metro we pride ourselves on the care, time and dedication we give to all our clients whether you are an international fashion photographer or an amateur snapper just starting out.


With 35 years industry experience we understand the difficulties students can experience, in particular the stress and potential uncertainty producing work for their final show.

Step up to the plate Metroprint for Students! Our online print service offers students a second to none option with the widest range of print services, best value and great discounts for students.  Metroprint offers the same service options as our in-lab service, using the same high quality printers, extensive paper choices and of course the same expert technicians looking after your work, the only difference to this cost effective solution is that you colour correct and prepare your image files and upload using the Metroprint site.  If you’d feel happier with a little handholding we offer Metroprint Premier meaning you prepare your file for print and our experts colour correct once it’s uploaded.

Here’s some common questions students often ask us when they come in for advice:

How much does a print cost?
An A3 C-type print can cost as little as £7.23+vat with our student discounts. We also have a deluxe option if you would like our master printers to adjust your colours. If you want a more personal touch we have a Bespoke service where you can come in to the lab and work alongside our expert printers where you'll benefit most from their experience.

When should I send files/start planning?

For a project that includes printing and mounting or framing, a job can take around 3 weeks, we'd always recommend getting in touch as soon as possible to find out exactly how long your job could take.

What is soft proofing?
Soft proofing is a way to help your screen show you how your image will change when printed; you can download icc profiles here for our C-type papers. It's good to use as a preview but it's no substitute for a hard copy test print.

What are common missteps in presentation?

Off the shelf frames can save a lot of money, but remember that if your print isn't mounted within a frame then it will ripple behind the glass and distract from your image.

Although the opening night is a chance to celebrate how far you've come, it's very important to stay close to your work for as much of the evening as possible so that you are approachable and can make to most of any opportunities. There will be plenty of time for an after-party!

What do I do with my work after my student show?
Some types of printing, mounting and framing are more fragile than others but it's always very important to take good care of your exhibition pieces. Keep as much packaging as possible, work can so easily be damaged by being stored or transported without proper care, contacts made during the exhibition may want to buy your work at a later date and you'll want to be able to exhibit your degree show work again in future shows.

Metro can handle everything from raw files and rolls of film through to finished pieces delivered to your exhibition. If you require any more information about our services we’ll be happy to answer any questions either email us or call 0207 865 0000.