Assisted printing

At Metro we have a service for everyone


Metroprint Standard
Our cost-effective solution for full control over your images. 'Do-it-yourself' file preparation and colour correction.

Metroprint Deluxe
Semi 'do-it-yourself', you prepare your file for print and we can colour correct your print-ready file once it's uploaded.

Metro Imaging Standard
Our 'in lab' service. Come and see us or send your files via Dropbox or Wetransfer with instructions for what you want.

Metro Imaging Premier
Our bespoke 'in lab' service: fully assisted printing with one of our expert technicians on a one-to-one basis.

Instagram & Kiosk

Metroprint Standard

Metroprint Deluxe

Metro Imaging Standard & Premier

(in lab)
x Colour managed printers Colour managed printers Colour management
x Adding borders online Colour correction Colour correction
x x
Adding borders online Adding borders
x x x Resizing and cropping
x x x Test strips
x x x Directed printing
x x x Master file archiving
x x x Provenance certificates
x x x In lab service
Creative retouching

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