Black & white photo prints

Metroprint is the only photographic print lab in the UK where you can get genuine black and white photo prints online from digital files.
We can give you a photographic print on real black and white photographic paper; that means no colour casts on your images, which you normally get when printing on a C Type paper.

"Due to the nature of silver gelatin Fibre Based media including Harman Digital FB and conventional darkroom papers having inherent expansion and contraction qualities, we recommend not ordering any pre-cut mount borders or frames as the dimensions of this product vary slightly on completion of production." 
Professor Steve Macleod
- Director Metro Imaging Ltd

All our black and white Lambda prints are produced on genuine ILFORD black and white silver gelatin photographic paper, which is a real Baryta / Fibre based paper. With ‘resin coated’ papers, the prints have a consistent and neutral image tone and the paper offers fine tonal benefits including strong blacks and subtle highlight detail.

Print time: three working days.

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