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We have numerous ways we can help you achieve the perfect print here at Metro, from our super-fast great value Metroprint service, fully 'do-it-yourself' file prep, to our Bespoke 'Metro Imaging' services.
Take a look at our handy chart below, to see how we can help you.

Metroprint Premier 

Metro Imaging Premier

(online and in lab)
Density Correction Density Correction
Contrast correction Contrast correction
Adding borders online Adding borders
x Resizing and cropping
x Test strips
x Directed printing
x Master file archiving
x Provenance certificates
x In lab service
Creative retouching

Metroprint Premier (online only)
For an additional 50% of the standard Metroprint fees, the Metroprint Deluxe service has a print technician that will correct your colours to make sure they’re properly neutral and check that the blacks are black, the whites, white.

This quick expert judgement could make all the difference to your final print and help to avoid any disappointment.
After all, not everybody has time to download and softproof profiles and for those working on laptops, calibration will always be an issue.

We’ve been doing this for more than 35 years so it’s a simple case of letting us check it to make the improvements that will make that little bit of difference to the final result.

You can send instructions for specific images with your order or just ask us to look over the whole file, all the other standard Metroprint options apply with the same quick turnaround, it’s that simple.

The Bespoke Premier Service (Metro Imaging: online and in lab)
The Premier print service is aimed at clients who need more input than a simple on-screen check or quick test. Used by a broad cross section of clients, this service begins with a meeting to establish the parameters of the brief. You are introduced to a production manager and print technician, both of whom will stay with you for the duration of the job and indeed for the duration of your time working with Metro. This creates continuity and trust.
The dialogue between yourself and the print technician extends beyond the initial brief and emails and calls are passed back and forth over the duration of production.
We advise on paper types and their suitability, if required we will test on several media to find the most appropriate paper for the content.

Mac time is all included in working up the files; we provide at size or small tests depending on the final dimension of the work (generally anything up to 20x16" is provided at size). Once the tests are signed off we produce the master set for approval.

We may make two revisions to any test procedure and after that we will charge at 50% off the list price for additional at size test prints.

We provide Certificates of Authenticity as a matter of course and also special wrap instructions for a nominal handling fee.

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