Professional quality digital C Type prints

All our digital C Type prints are produced on the very best machines, giving you high quality, real photographic silver halide prints from your images on archival photographic papers.
At Metroprint we only use professional papers supplied by Fuji and Kodak, ranging from the classic C Type semi-matt, gloss, pure-matt Velvet to metallic papers.

We are able to produce bigger and better C Type prints than anywhere else. Our prints can go up to 120 x 72 inches, giving you a huge choice when it comes to producing prints.
All our printers use lasers rather then LEDs, giving a sharper image which far surpasses the quality of LEDs.
Standard C Types Print time: Under 40 x 30 inches from 4 hours, over 40 x 30 inches, up to two working days. Velvet prints can be ready in 24 hours and are available up to 40" x 30” on Metroprint (for larger sizes please see our Metro Imaging service).
Premier C Types Print time: one working day.
*Specialist C-types (Metallic) 3 working days.

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