Direct To Media UV Printing

Direct to media (DTM) printing is exactly that; we print your image directly to a substrate of your choice.

Unlike our assisted in-house Metro Imaging service, Metroprint offers you the chance to prepare and upload your own files for a more cost-effective process. Currently available on Metroprint Standard service we have:

5mm Foamex; a low-cost alternative to traditional mounted prints, it has a smooth clean finish and ideal for public or touring exhibitions.
Vinyl Phototex; a self-adhesive high quality giclee finish, perfect when curating and displaying work in large spaces or areas where traditional framing and mounting isn't suitable.

These both include x1 pass of ink and sizes up to 60" x 40".

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Benefits of this process include:

You can print on almost anything with us, just check out our Metro Imaging website for further substrate options, sizes and our more hands-on, assisted printing services.

'Chicago 2'  Broomberg & Chanarin, DTM UV printing to Vinyl 

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