Saving your file for upload

We accept only JPEG or TIFF files at Metroprint.


Remember to crop your file, add any borders you would like and save your file at the correct resolution as RGB JPEG or TIFF (all TIFF files must be flattened and 8 bit), for help on how to this, visit our other tutorials on our how to pages.

1. When you are saving your files, please avoid unrecognised characters in filenames, such as asterisks, commas, apostrophes and quotation marks.

2. Please make sure you save the correct file extension on your images (e.g. .jpg).

3. We recommend you save your files as TIFFs to avoid the image being degraded when compressed into a jpeg. Make sure your Tifs have no compression either!

(Transfer rates may vary from a few seconds to multiple hours, depending on your file size and your Internet connection.)


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