Uploading your file

From the Metroprint homepage to begin the print upload and ordering process click the “Order Prints” button.

You will then be presented with the following screen on which all you need to do is click the “Select Images” button (if you find you problems with the uploader beyond this point return here and try the “Non-flash uploader” link below the button):

Once you have selected your files and clicked ok you will have the option to add more images or to upload and continue:

Whilst the system uploads your images youwill be presented with a progress indicator – this may take some time tocomplete if you are uploading numerous files or large images. It is alsodependent on your internet connection speed; so please be patient!

Upon the completion of your file upload you will be presented with the main Metroprint ordering screen. Here you are able to set print size, paper media, and border options.

Your uploaded file will appear in the main window in the centre. If you uploaded multiple files they will be displayed as small thumbnails below the main window. To select an alternate file, click on the appropriate thumbnail.

This page is where you can set the paper type, the size of the print, border size/colour, and confirm files have been set up correctly (if using Adobe Photoshop).

1. How to make a print
2. Uploading your file
3. Choosing your print media and size
4. Adding borders
5. Checking order settings, registering and choosing delivery options